We are enterprising, active and creative youngsters from Riga. We do our best to implement our ideas and prevent passivity among our peers while trying to make them feel like a fully fledged part of our society.


Riga Student Council is a prestigious and well-known organization in Latvia which provides support and cooperation with and among student councils in Riga. It is a collaboration between five committees and the board in order to provide the formation and development of the student’s personal and social competences.


We accomplish our goals by following a particular structure that helps us successfully implement our duties and tasks. Riga Student Council consists of five different committees and the board.

  • The Culture Committee aspires to engage youngsters in culture related events not only on special occasions, but in their daily lives. The members of this committee try to boost youngsters’ possibility to express themselves creatively and increase their knowledge about different aspects of culture. They organize entertaining and educational events that are accessible for everyone that’s interested.
  • The External Communications and Public Relations Committee maintains the external image of Riga Student Concil. They make posters for different events, create their own newspaper and write blogs, take photographs and make videos and maintain the webpage of this organization. They also organize two events – the Doors Open Day and the Internal Communication’s Evening which brings together and unites members of all committees.
  • The Sports, Health and Environment Committee tries to provide a healthy lifestyle and physical activities among students in Riga. Its members meet up once a week in order to sum up their plans, generate new ideas and set new goals they want to accomplish.
  • The Education and Science Committee cooperates with student councils all around Riga and their presidents. They organize all kinds of events (workshops, trainings, seminars) and carry out different studies about student councils in order to help their members communicate, share their opinions and solve problems regarding their councils, generate ideas and put them into practice by common projects.
  • The Legal Affairs and Financial Committee operates silently. Its main task is to maintain Riga Student Council’s work efficiency and to make sure that all is done accordingly to documentations. It also communicates with sponsors in order to provide financial support for the organization’s events and projects.
  • The board consists of the heads of all five committees, the clerk, the president and two vice-presidents. The board’s main task is to provide Riga Student Council’s activity and the accomplishment of all its goals. The board cooperates with the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council in order to solve the mast common problems faced by students in our city. Contacts can be found here.


We are open to all students of public schools and vocational secondary education institutions in Riga. If you want to apply to any of the committees, you must fill in this form here, and we will contact you in two weeks’ notice. The students from schools in Riga vote for the new members of the board in the end of April when the annual Congress is held.


We recommend you to check out other sections of our webpage and get acquainted with our regulation, internal provisions and code of ethics in order to comprehend our actions and goals more precisely.

The most important thing is that we are open to all new members. So, if you aspire to make Riga a better city and community, please join us and put your words and ideas into action!